🐲 PURIFY: Bali 2020 🐲

Immerse. Renew. Connect.
Remember. Receive. ReWild.
Unfold. Unwind. Unplug.

🌀 Calling all Daughters of the Waters to join together in Ubud, Bali March 17-28th 2020 🌀

Are you ready to release, renew, relax and remember your truest truth in one of the most gorgeous and healing places on the planet? If you love the water and her cleansing power is calling you, this is your time. If you are an adventurer and ready to explore your own heart garden amidst lush landscapes, this is your invitation. If you are ready to PURIFY your body, heart, mind, memories, soul calling and sense of self then this retreat is your opportunity!


▽ This 11 day immersion is for those who are ready to heal and move through the old stuck ways in which you have been operating, and make room for the next level of your life through powerful practices like water blessings and temple ceremonies, ecstatic hoop and elemental dance, breath work, Human Design study, travel, silent meditation, fresh foods, ocean swimming, hot spring soaking, and sisterhood in a sanctified space that welcomes ALL of you. You are being called home, Beloved Daughter. Will you receive yourself FULLY and allow the beauty of life to become you?


▽ The Location: Ubud, Bali
Bali is a lush land known as the Isle of the Gods, a spiritual pilgrimage for many, and home to some of the most beautiful, devoted, generous, kind and community oriented people in the world. Known as the Land of Thousand Temples, Bali is the only island still remaining in South East Asia that practices Hinduism. The scent of incense is ever present at the local residents pray daily, making offerings to the gods to keep the balance, creating sanctuary and serenity. Reverence for ritual, religious practice and ceremony is present everywhere, creating a palpable vibe that leaves one feeling peaceful and present within this succulent little heart centered slice of paradise. Mystically speaking, Bali is a very healing and transformational location on the planet. This tiny island placed on very potent intersection between the female and male Dragon Ley Lines that weave around our planet. Bali, as one of the 12 Sacred Sites on Mother Earth, is known as The World’s Purification Center. This is why Creator has called me host this retreat here and birth it as PURIFY. These invisible but palpable Dragon Ley Lines cross at many other powerful sacred sites on the planet, and this auspicious crossing on the holy island of Bali is special because these energetic lines move through six different sacred sits on the island, purifying each element. We will be visiting as many of these purification sites as our time and the land allows. Just COMING to Bali and BEING here is such healing and transmutation. If your heart is called to this potent portal, this is a safe and sweet space to allow your hearts call to be answered.


▽ Your Luxurious Accommodations: Ananda Cottages
Ananda in Hinduism means extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being. Ananda signifies the eternal bliss that accompanies the ending of a rebirth cycle.
Are you ready to be reborn, Beloved?

During your stay in this luxury villa nestled in the heart of Ubud, you will find this state of being easy to experience. Imagine waking up each day to the sounds and sights of the jungle; the birds, the rain, the sunshine dripping through your window to greet your face, emerald green rice fields all around you; with delicious breakfast waiting for you to have your fill of juicy fresh fruits and homemade treats. Envision nourishing yourself beside the still waters of the lotus pond in full bloom, or taking a cool dip in one of the many perfect swimming pools on the property. Feel your feet, grounding you, on a handmade teak wood floor as you dance the codes of your own divinity deep into your bones, remembering, recalling, reflecting on who you really are. At the end of a full day, you are feeling tired yet satisfied, a humming present within your core, a subtle reminder that you are home, and have always been there. The frogs and crickets singing you into dream time. This is just a snippet of the experience open to you during your stunning stay at the most magical Ananda Cottages.


▼ Embodiment Sessions & Studies:

~ Breath Work – Three Sessions that build upon each other; allowing the elements of air and ether
to cleanse and create space within your being. Our inhale gives us life, our exhale provides
elimination and detoxification. We will practice and learn intentional breathing practices that help
to purify body, mind, spirit, soul purpose and align us with ourselves and our destiny more fully.

~ 5 Elements Dance Activation – Based on the work of my teacher, Malaika Darville, I am honored to present this powerful fusion of dance and ceremony to you as a method of purifying your presence, purpose and power. Using the medicinal allies of music, movement and the five elements we will enter dance as sacred healing ceremony and celebration. Dancing with purpose and my facilitation as a guide, you will be invited into a safe container to purge, pray, play, release, accept, celebrate, grieve, allow, open and move deeper into yourself within the
rhythm of your own movement. Your body is the temple, dance is your prayer, the music is the minister and your movement is a scripture, sanctified in the sanctuary of your breath. We will
come together in dance ceremony at least twice, and also one bonus dance session out in Ubud at the infamous Yoga Barn Ecstatic Dance!

~ Human Design Study – We each have a unique blueprint, and when we understand that divine
design we are able to make better choices and decisions. In this lecture session I will give everyone a copy of their HD chart and break down each of the four Types and how they work
together, the Strategy for each Type, the six Emotional Authorities and how to best utilize this most excellent information to make self aware and informed choices. This will be a basic yet deep dive into the incredible healing modality of Human Design. Are you excited to learn exactly how Creator made you, and purify your life by expressing yourself through your own intricate, beautiful design? It’s time!

~ Conscious Language® Study – Our Words create our life. This study session will be a Purification of our Speech, allowing us to upgrade our language, inspired by the work of Robert
Tennyson Stevens. When we purify the way we speak about our reality, our reality becomes a purer reflection of our most beneficial truth. Are you ready literally flip the script, allowing your entire reality to become uplifted and aligned by presenting your words to the world with mastery and majesty?
You are what you speak.


▼ Adventures & Excursions // Schedule:

Timing and Itinerary

Day One : Arrival ~ Welcome!
Purification begins as you enjoy a Balinese Massage, Aromatic Scrub and Flower Bath, and settle into your cottage. Together we will experience dinner and Opening Ceremony. This is a
day to rest and reset from long travels.

Day Two: The Temple of Pura Tirta Empul –
Bali’s Sacred Pool of Purification
This is one of the most sacred sites in Bali, with many different fountains to purify specific aspects
of your body, mind, emotions, words, deeds and soul. This will be our first and most important ‘melukat’ – ritual. After our time in this ancient and sacred spring, we will have a traditional
prayer session with a Balinese priest. This Purification Ritual is how we will begin our time together in Bali, so that we feel immediately grounded with these lands and waters, and are in
good understanding of the reverence and respect that is the Balinese culture. We will follow this sacred spring to the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Gunung Kawi.
You will be in awe of the amazing cliff side carvings and stunning architecture!

Waters at Tirta Empul

Day Three: Pura Besikah – “The Mother Temple”
Named after the dragon that inhibits Mount Agung, this is the islands biggest and holiest temple, with 86 temples within the complex, and is nestled on the side of this still active volcano. The largest temple in the complex, Pura Penataran Agung has seven areas representing the seven layers of the Universe, each with their own shrines. Pura Gua, located on the eastern side of the main street, is the home of the dragon deity. There’s a big cave at the canyon of the river on the east that has its mouth closed due to erosion, but some still go there to honor the dragon, pray and practice asana. This is a place to observe the beauty of the volcano, the surrounding hillsides and rice patties, and be purified by meditating at the aspects of this temple that call to you most. You don’t have to know or understand what it’s all for, trust your steps and walk in reverence, let the beauty of this place alone do healing work on you.

View of Temple complex from top.

Day Four: Tirta Gangga – “The Royal Water Garden”
All I can tell you about this place is that it is one of the most gorgeous and healing places I have ever been. There are beautiful, traditionally built swimming pools where you can swim and pray at your leisure. The water gardens are stunning with intricate stone carvings, reflecting the classic artistry and attention to detail that is famous in Bali. In addition to visiting a traditional sarong weaver, there’s a very sweet surprise awaiting you at the conclusion of this day out! Plus a sunset dinner, YUM.

Swimming in pure cold spring water.
Center of Tirtha Ganga

Day Five: Kintimani & Lake Batur
Unwind and allow the old to dissolve in the waters of this amazing volcanic crater. We will take in the amazing view and power of the volcano, a place where the dragons of legends reside, and have time to soak in the healing waters of the naturally occurring hot springs, complete with
cold plunge! Contrast therapy is an AMAZING way to purify your nervous system and circulatory systems, and what better place to do it than in an ancient volcanic crater with curative mineral

View of lake Batur from Kintamani
Solomon with friends in hot spring water lake batur.

Day Six: BEACH DAY! We will visit Padang Bai and immerse ourselves in the white and black sands and turquoise waters of these beautiful beaches. Ocean Mama purifies all being everywhere! She is US.

White sand beach at Padang Bai

Day Seven: Natural Jungle River Springs
A day of natural bathing in a jungle river. Hot springs and cold springs, and a hot pool and a cold pool. Contrast therapy at its finest! Being able to dip your body in the hot water and then the cold, and repeating this cycle is an AMAZING way to cleanse, clear and get a super natural HIGH.

Day Eight: Inner Adventure
NEW MOON Ceremony, Breath Work & Dance Dance

Day Nine: Pengerupukan Parade – A cultural immersion that is an honor to witness! We will join the Balinese as they have a huge island wide celebration that includes lots of traditional
ceremony, enchanting dance performances, amazing art monsters (Ogoh-Ogoh’s) and lots of loud instruments and flaming coconuts; all designed to scare off the evil spirits as a purification ritual to bring in the Hindi Lunar New Year!

Day Ten: NYEPI ~ Day of Silence ((6am-6pm))
This is a day of introspection and prayer, journaling and resting. No shops are open, even the
airport is closed, and all guests must stay inside their resort (which Ananda is so beautiful it makes it enjoyable). In the Balinese tradition on this Day of Silence there is no work, no fire, no traffic, and no pleasure. According to the ritual, this keeps the island totally quiet so any malevolent spirits that may be passing over cannot detect you and will leave you alone for
another year. Rest, meditate and use this time to reflect on your journey here and Bali and how you will move forward with your life after this deep and potent purification portal.

Day 11: Closing Ceremony, Farewells, Last Shared Meal and Departure


Sample Schedule:
7am Morning Movement & Meditation
8am Breakfast & Tea
9am Leave for Adventure // Movement Practice
12pm Lunch @ Ananda // Boxed or Purchased on Adventures
2pm Adventure Continues // Study Sessions // Free Time
6pm Dinner At Local Dining Establishments
8pm Closing Circle for the Day // Evening Entertainment // Rest

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Bali in the company of your sisters, guided by a trusted masculine elder, and at a high holy time on the Balinese calendar. It is my honor to host you in this luscious land and guide you deeper into your self, as you experience the purification of the elements, especially the sacred waters from which we are made.

~$ COST $~

Thank you for sending your $500 deposit to secure your spot!
Only Ten Spots LEFT!

Total Cost for Early Bird is $2300 (Paid In Full By November 31)
Total Cost after November 31 is $2800 (Paid in Full by March 1)

PayPal as friends as Family: shelliewhitelight@gmail.com

See you in the enchanted land of water, 20,000 temples, dragons and divine splendor!!! 🐉

Shellie Marie White Light 🧜🏼‍♀️