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Aloha  Salamat Pagi   Greetings of love and light from Maui,HI.   I have been going to Bali for close to 30 yrs for business, Balinese culture and for pleasure.  Since 2008  I have co created Spiritual retreats to Bali with other teachers.  This season I have co-created three different retreats in Bali. This is my intro page followed by information about SUFI RETREAT, and general info about Bali and what we will do.  The other two retreats are introduced here yet go to bar upper right corner for more info and ALL REGISTRATION FORMS FOR ALL RETREATS.

The first one is called  Bali Healing Yoga & Dance retreat from Feb 26- March 10, 2020.  This is facilitated by Allowah Lani, his wife Beata  and myself.  Lots of Yoga, dance and Bali touring.  See other page for more details  about what is offered. On this page you can see the details of places in Bali we will visit.

The second one is with Shelly White Light  she is creating  a special experience called  Purify: Bali Immersion.  This is a women’s retreat, see other page for more details, the dates are Mar 17 to 28, 2020. This will be a unique retreat as in Bali we will celebrate Nyipi on March 25 th   This is the Balinese new year,with special celebrations and the entire island shuts down for 24 hours.  Very unique experience. On this page you can see some of the Bali experiences I will share with you. View Purify page for more details.

The next retreat is a Sufi retreat called “Be a light in this world”.  This will be facilitated by Murshid Allaudin Ottinger from Kansas City USA  and Jamila Cranston from New Zealand with special guest teacher Asha Greer

Be a Light in This World- A Sufi Retreat   April 16-29, 2020
with Jamila Cranston, Allaudin Ottinger and Special Guest Asha Greer…
Here is invitation from Murshid Allaudin

Come join fellow travelers as we tune our hearts together in the beautiful natural world that is Bali.

The Sacred Texts tell us that “ God is the Light of Heaven and Earth”
Our intention on this trip is to bring more and more of this heavenly light into our daily lives,so that we may best fulfill our part to play in Life’s Symphony. New Zealand friend and teacher Halima MacEwan offered the teaching “Be a Light in the World”.
We’re using that as the theme of our journey. In our effort together we’ll use the Sufi tools of Breath,Sacred Sound and Movement,Retreat Teachings,Stillness,Song,
Concentration,Contemplation, The Natural World and much more.
The People, Culture and Vast Beauty Of Bali can leave a deep imprint on the Soul.
Come join us on this once in a lifetime journey of awakening.

All of these retreat include lodging,most food(as there is always some free time), drinking water, most Land transport , balinese entertainment and all temple fees.  Does NOT include airfare or return to airports.  Solomon will arrange return transport for you approx $25us per person.

We will dive into our hearts to cleanse,renew  and revivify  our hearts and souls.   We will work with many practices to do this.   All of these retreats are unique and will  be life changing in a good way.

We will stay at Ananda Cottages in Ubud area. The grounds are beautiful and away from any roads therefore peaceful and tranquil. They serve us Breakfast every morning Buffet style with lots of choices. Also some of our lunches will be here prepared by the staff. Especially for us.  All your needs will be met be a very caring, loving dedicated staff.  Our meeting hall is with open sides  so plenty of fresh bali breeze.

My intention for these retreat is for us all to clean out the “cobwebs” of our heart and soul, purify and cleanse what needs letting go of  so that we can plant new seeds and fertilize them to grow in order for us to step up to truly being our highest,clearest self.  We will do many different practices to help us thru this loving process. Among that will be  every day Yoga, chanting  and singing,  ecstatic dance,  being in nature and of course diving into Balinese culture life and religion.

Also there are many different spas and healers in Bali.  I gift everyone a welcome massage after you arrive. After that you pay for any treatments you want which are very inexpensive compared to western prices.  So feel free to pamper yourself  all you want as it is very available.

We will eat very delicious Balinese cuisine as I have many friends with restaurants. They all create a unique buffet style meal for us.  Among this will be Indian food, many styles of Balinese food, and all very delicious and healthy, always a wide variety to chose from. We will have several Balinese evenings of Balinese dance and music.  Also we will visit many sacred water places of Bali  cold water springs, hot water springs  and the ocean.  I hope you can join us.

Salamat Datang ~ Welcome ~ from Solomon!

We want to invite you to Bali Hati (The Heart of Bali).  We will explore the culture, religion, nature and people of Bali.  Known as the land of a thousand Temples, Bali is home to a people whose life centers around Temple activities.  We will experience being pilgrims on a journey in this magical land by participating in Temple Ceremonies, sacred bathing in pure spring water, hot springs and ocean water.  We will also experience Balinese Dance and Music and all the many facets of Balinese daily life.  We will explore ourselves as we explore the beauty of Nature in Bali and Balinese Healers.  We will be served delicious foods and bask in the tropical weather.

Come join us for this unique experience with our Bali guide Solomon and dive into your heart as we explore the Heart of Bali together.  Please look at the enclosed Itinerary and photos to get an Idea of what we will be doing together. I look forward to sharing BAli with you.         If you want to join us for this Journey, All Info and prices can be found on the Short Form Registration, which is found by going to bar in upper right hand corner and click on short form, long form or information about other 2 retreats. Please fill that out and send as email to  Sol33king@gmail.com.  Blessings  Aloha  Solomon  


Please check the expiration date of your passport as it MUST be valid for 6 months PAST the date you are planning on leaving Bali.  In this case, your expiration date must be at least Sept 2020 for Shellie’s retreat  And  Oct 2020 for Sufi retreat.  If you are uncertain please ask me and I will help. IF your passport expires before this time then you need to renew it before leaving for Bali.


Please note that there are some things that may change as we move through this magnificent time together and spontaneity calls upon us or mutual collaboration calls upon us or something we cannot control occurs, or something comes up that will add even more magic to our journey!  In all cases we are about to have an amazing time; so just relax because ultimately Spirit is in control.

If you are coming early or staying later while in Bali and would like assistance with accommodations, please contact Solomon.  Let him know when you are coming in or staying until for him to make arrangements for you.

March/April is a wonderful time in Bali in terms of the weather.  Please pack for the tropics–80’s during the day and 60’s in the evening.  Should you forget something, the shopping in Ubud is wonderful and you can find whatever you may need.  A suggested packing list will be included in the registration information.

Arrival Days

Upon arrival to Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) you will be met by our personal Balinese drivers on Date you arrive.  We start all journeys at  5pm  to meet and greet then go to our first dinner together OR earlier if you make arrangements with Solomon.  After you clear customs go to exit doors (There tends to be a lot of drivers holding signs etc) So TURN LEFT  walk thru the store and there our Drivers will be with sign SOLOMON.  Your driver will escort you to a waiting vehicle, handle your baggage, offer you fresh water and get you settled for a short drive, about one hour, to the mystical village of Ubud.  You will be taken to our hotel, Ananda Cottages. Everyone will be asked to give the hotel a credit card to have on file for any extra charges you might incur.

Depending on your arrival time, after check-in, your driver will be taking you to the Sedona Spa for a complimentary Balinese massage and mandi lulur as our way of welcoming you to Bali as we get ready to start our journey together.  They are offering a Balinese-style massage and lulur which is a Balinese herbal scrub made of turmeric, sandalwood and rice powder ending with a hot flower bath.  This will be a great way to unwind and relax after hours of airplane travel.  Our first evening, we will meet at 6pm in our hotel lobby to leave for a special welcome Balinese buffet dinner.

Our first morning together, after Breakfast (8 – 9 am) we will meet in our sacred space and have a Group orientation and setting of intention.  After that we will drive to Pura Tirta Empul for a sacred water purification ceremony.

This temple, in the village of Tampaksiring, is known as the “Holy Spring Temple” and one of the most sacred spots in Bali. Water spouts pour water from 12 sacred fresh water springs into one long pool.  Each spout purifies a different part of your physical, emotional and spiritual body.  Tirta Empul is where the Hindu Priests and Balinese people come for purification, prayers and healing.

We will take part in a sacred purification ritual so we will prepare together to release anything and everything that holds us back from being our highest self.  We will then enter the Temple to perform a group prayer and offering to the Gods of Bali Balinese style.  We are giving thanks for our safe arrival and setting our personal intentions for this journey together.  After our morning at Pura Tirta Empul, we will have fresh made boxed lunch.  Then if time we go to another temple not far from here called Gunung Kawi, a very unique one of a kind temple as it is carved from stone.  It’s in a beautiful scenic water valley so we have to walk down about 200 plus steps to get there. So only for the fit and healthy as it is a long walk down then back up.  Slow and steady is the mantra.   Then  we head to ubud for a little relax time before dinner.  This is end of our first day in Bali.

The next day we begin our schedule for retreat that the teachers will make for us.  Every day will be a unique experience filled with the beauty of Bali.


All breakfasts will be at our Hotel, buffet style with lots to choose from.  Some lunches will also be at our Hotel.  Dinners will be different every night at the many different restaurants that Ubud has to offer.  All of our meals will be Gourmet Balinese and International cuisine.  All meals will be buffet style with many options.  Remember to fill out your dietary needs on the long registration form.  Drinks are NOT included.  We will provide unlimited pure drinking water the entire time we are together.

Bali Activities

Sacred Monkey ForestSanctuary in Ubud — This cool and dense swath of jungle is what Ubud used to look like before it was developed. You will see carvings, a water spring, a Monkey temple and of course lots of monkeys.

Ubud Market —
You can find anything at the Ubud Market here are handicrafts from all over the island, a farmer’s market, and special ceremonial items the Balinese need everyday plus much more. This will give you an up close and personal experience of Balinese life and people.

Pura Besikah, Mother Temple — We will have a very scenic drive to Pura Besakih or The Mother Temple.  In Bali are found six supremely holy temples, called Sad Kahyangan, or the “six temples of the world.”

The most famous temple in all Bali is the triple shrine located in the courtyard of the Pura Penataran Agung at Pura Besakih.  At this shrine three Padmassanas (a type of shrine) are arranged side by side.  These shrines are dedicated to the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, God, the creator, God, the preserver and God, the destroyer.

Shiva is responsible for change both in the form of death and destruction and in the positive sense of the shedding of old habits. In Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram or Truth, Goodness and Beauty, Shiva also represents the most essential goodness. Here we will make offerings in the Balinese tradition and style and also take in the beauty of this unique place.

Balinese Healers and Massage — Everyone will receive a welcome massage, Herbal rub and flower hot bath as a gift from us to welcome you to Bali There are many healers and different styles of massage available here in Bali for you to experience as often as you’d like. All this is optional and requires additional fee and is quite affordable compared with western prices. Solomon is hoping to arrange a group Healing/ceremony with a Balinese Healer friend.

Balinese Shopping — As Bali is the land of artists and creativity we will have lots of opportunity to see and purchase a wide variety of art, clothing, jewelry, crafts and more.  Having had a Bali import business for over 30 years, Solomon will take us to some of his manufacturers for you to view and purchase items at wholesale prices.  Some of these include Hand painted Silk sarongs, scarves, robes and clothing, Batik sarongs, Silver Jewelry and lots more.  There may be experiences that present themselves in the moment for us to participate in one of these is a temple procession and or ceremony.  These are happening all the time and in the moment I will adapt our time to fit this in if an opportunity presents itself.

Balinese Museum of Puppets and Masks — This is a one of a kind collection of Balinese, Javanese and also other world cultures of masks and puppets.  Very beautiful with many different buildings housing this unique art collection on beautiful grounds.

Balinese Performances — We will spend several evenings watching Sacred Balinese Dance and listening to the other-worldly music of the gamelan.  One is a private performance in the Village of Celuk (the center of silver manufacturing).  At a private Balinese compound, we will experience classical Balinese dance with music provided by a private gamelan (traditional Balinese instrument).

Here you will see and feel the heart of the Balinese people and their devotion to the culture.  This will be a VERY unique experience at Solomon’s friends’ home followed by a chance to purchase Silver jewelry direct from Manufacturer at wholesale prices.

Another evening we will experience the Monkey Dance (Kechak) in honor of Lord Hanuman where a large group of men in a circle chant to Hanuman along with a few dancers.  This classic Balinese performance also includes a fire/trance dance as part of this performance.

Sacred Waters of Bali

Kintimani & Lake Batur — We will drive to Kintamani, which is the edge of a huge volcanic crater for the incredible views.  Then we will drive into the crater to the volcanic lake Batur.

View of lake batur from ridge on top of volcano

Solomon with friends at natural hot springs in Batur

There is a natural hot spring and swimming pool where we can soak away our old self. The views are breathtaking. This is a sacred and unique place as we are driving INTO a Volcanic crater.

On my last journey to Bali I found a new hidden hot spring very local  as in not many or any tourists. About 1 1/2 hours from ubud very natural with river that has small hot bathing pool, large concrete cold water pool and several hot bathing pools.

Tirta Ganga Water Palace — We will drive to Tirta Ganga (Water of the Ganges) through a beautiful part of Bali passing many local villages, terraced rice fields and expansive views.  We will stop in the village of Sideman, known for its special weaving of Balinese sarongs. We will watch them hand weaving these unique designs and then visit the shop if you wish to purchase any at discounted prices.  Tirtha Gangaa used to be the King’s palace in this Karangasem province of Bali.

Stepping stone pool  fun to walk on water

Now it is a public garden.  The water comes from a sacred spring and is probably the cleanest in all of Bali.

This is the Kings pool full of cool natural holy spring water. Imagine yourself swimming in this cool clean holy water.

Here we can walk, relax and take in the beauty and tranquility of this palace garden and swim in the pools that the King swam in.

Gravity fed water fountain in middle of Tirtaganga

The rice terraces around Tirta Gangaa are some of the most beautiful on Bali.  They sweep out from Tirta Gangaa almost like a sea surrounding an island.  Together with the majestic gardens and pools of the palace, Tirta Gangaa is most definitely the jewel of Bali.  As we walk through the gardens and take in the amazing scenery, you may find yourself in a state of bliss and inspiration.  We will use the power of Mother Nature to help amplify our prayers and set in motion our intentions for the following year.

After our time here we will go to my friends raw chocolate factory who grows and creates organic raw chocolate. You will get to see the whole process, then taste many flavors then be able to purchase whatever you want.  We finish this day at a lovely restaurant by the ocean for sunset. After dinner we drive home to ubud.

Padang Bai — This is where the Ferries leave for Lombok and other islands. It is a beach town with 2 different beaches.

One is a white sand beach and the other is a black sand beach.  Both have clear blue waters for great swimming and relaxation.  Snorkeling is optional and you will need to pay for rental of snorkeling equipment when we get there.

We may or may not go to North Bali, if we do this is something we will do.The plan is still unfolding

Air Sanih — This is another natural cold water spring fed pool.  This one is next to the ocean as we drive from Tirtaganga to Lovina.  We will rest and have optional swim in these clear cool waters on our way to Lovina Beach where we will spend our last three nights.

Air Panas (Hot springs) Near Lovina (North side of Bali) — Here is another beautiful place in nature where we will bathe and relax in a sacred natural hot water spring in a scenic garden.

Also while in Lovina  after hot spring  we will visit a Thai Buddhist temple with many Temple rooms,statues, stupa,Bodhi tree from a cutting from original Bodhi tree in India and a mini replica of Borabador, the worlds largest Buddhist monument which is located in Java.

Journey’s End

Your lodging is paid for from Start date noon till finish date noon at all retreats.  If you want to come earlier or stay later Solomon will gladly answer your questions about options to stay longer.

Price includes:  Double occupancy lodging,most meals, purified water throughout, all entrance fees to performances and temples, your transportation from the airport on arrival, transportation around the island for our excursions, your welcome massage and all yoga and meditation instruction.

Price does NOT include:  Your airfare to Bali, other beverages besides water, a few meals, your transportation back to the airport in Denpasar, tips to drivers, hotel staff, etc, your personal shopping, extra massages, extra night’s accommodation.

Deposit:  $500 deposit holds your space. When you are ready to register, please fill out the Short Form registration  and send it in to Solomon with your deposit.  The balance of your payment is due one month before retreat begins or make arrangements with Solomon for payment in bali

Refund Policy:  All money fully refundable less $100 administration fee through One month before retreat begins, after that time, no refunds unless we can fill your space from a waiting list.  Exceptions to this for medical emergencies or other natural disasters.

Come Join Us!

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